AiA 175: Angular Differs with Minko Gechev

Adventures in Angular


Charles Max Wood

Joe Eames

Alyssa Nicoll

Ward Bell

Shai Reznik

Special Guests: Minko Gechev

In the episode of Adventures in Angular the panel discusses Angular Differs with Minko Gechev. Minko is a return guest to AiA, and is the founder o Rhyme and contributes to the Open Source community regularly. Minko is on the show to talk about Angular Differs. The discussion covers the details of the Differs and why they are important on the Angular platform. The topics covered are the concerns of differs, data applications and structures, problems solved and why it is good for Angular developers and much more.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Startup Rhyme and Open Source
  • Differs
  • Differ helps find out the difference in data applications
  • Problems it solves and why it is good for a day to day Angular developer
  • Behavior of NG 4 - Example
  • Binding refresh
  • How made you write the blog post?
  • Pump a Promise or an Async?
  • Binding to Differs, Observable, etc.
  • Turbo Differ
  • Track by Function
  • Implementing the track by function
  • Implementation detail
  • Tips for Building and Test Differs?
  • Angular source?
  • Rhyme
  • and much more!





  • Arch  - game
  • War Knight - game





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