108 AiA Web Workers in Angular with Torgeir Helgevold

Adventures in Angular

1:50 - Introducing Torgeir Helgevold

3:05 - Defining and using Web Worker

8:55 - Web Worker and value communication between threads

15:05 - Booting an app in Web Worker vs a browser

20:15 - Web Worker and mobile browsers

23:55 - Reality and perception of running apps on mobile devices

29:00 - Multi-threading and Web Workers


Angular NgModule Doc (John)

Tinker Crate (John)

Angular 2 Router by Victor Savkin (Lukas)

“Out of the Tar Pit” by Ben Moseley and Peter Marks (Lukas)

Hardcore Henry (Joe)

Vid Angel (Joe)

Angular 2 Class with John Pop and Dan Moleen. Use code “AIA” for $200 off registration (Joe)

Angular 2 Gitter chat (Tor)

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