072 AiA Components and Directives

Adventures in Angular

02:20 - Components: Angular 1.0 => Angular 2.0

07:31 - Single Components; Multiple Templates

11:37 - Common Associations with an Angular 2.0 Component

15:35 - Directives

29:54 - Styling (Separating Components and Directives)

35:38 - Inline Templates vs Separate Templates

  • How do you decide?

46:11 - Components; Controllers


Joe Eames: Directives 101  (Joe)
Seth MacFarlane (Joe)
HTML editing within .js/.ts code (e.g. in es6 template strings). (John)
Angular 1 JavaScript and TypeScript Snippets for VS Code (John)
Angular 2 TypeScript Snippets for VS Code (John)
JS Remote Conf (John)
Good news (Chuck)

Angular Remote Conf Videos (Chuck)

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