067 AiA Consulting in Angular with Jesse Warden

Adventures in Angular

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02:12 - Jesse Warden Introduction

02:53 - Consulting vs Full-Time Employees

06:03 - Common Problems

07:50 - Version Cycles and Best Practices

11:34 - Educating Clients

26:26 - Maintenance and Contracts

36:41 - Training and Negotiating Rates


Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! by Nicholas Carlson (Aaron)
Snuggling with your kids (Aaron)

Atom (Lukas)
Having integrity (Chuck)

aiatopics (Chuck)
15 Minute Podcast Listener chat with Charles Wood (Chuck)
Nigel Barnes: Lessons from Rocket Science (Part 1&2) (Jesse)
Nigel Barnes: Lessons from Rocket Science (Part 3)  (Jesse)
jspm.io (Jesse)

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